365 day photo project report

Creativity is hard and these days being original is even harder as we have multiple sources of inspiration, learning and instant sharing. I needed to train my mind to see images where there weren’t any and to understand impact of color and lighting on my landscapes and even human images. So I took a challenge last December to post a photo a day on my Instagram @lensesofi throughout 2019 and improve my eye for the sake of my lens.

Commitment is a very strong characteristic for a human and especially for a business that is trying to create a strong identity in the internet world. I took days off and went on vacation also had lazy moments and last minute scramble to find a wildlife, landscape or cityscape I wanted to share. I am happy to say the project has been a success so far as we are almost close to the middle of the year.

153 posts so far

212 posts to go

Photographer at work

My perspective on things has changed a little. I find more beautiful images as I drive by or catch a glimpse of a scene that would be perfect if I had a camera. The exercise is working and training my brain to be the photographer that is always ready to capture. Lets’s see what it looks like when I finish my challenge on Dec 31st and I’ll share more details with you.

Hope this inspires you to pick up your own personal project and try something you haven’t done or are afraid to do. A big tip I got from my photography instructors about being original is “‘you’ make your photo different” so don’t worry if thousands of pictures are already there in the world wide web. Go out and take pictures, just do ‘you’. Thank you for reading.